A few days ago I read a blog post from Abbey where she talks about how her dream house would be like. How does a dream house look like for me? This is the question that always been in my head since I was a teenager. When I was 17, I spend my entire summer holiday in my bed playing Sims like a mad women, building and renovating houses. I started to wonder, what if someday I actually win the lottery and could live in my dream house, where would I live and how would it look like?

I didn’t spend much time to think it through, mainly because I know it will come true. And when it come to dream house, I have some pretty wild imaginations. Although maybe not compare to my boyfriend, whose dream house is a cute little cabin inside a stationary/globe on Mars. (the moon is fine too but Mars would be ideal) But yeah, back to my dream house. I only had a very vague idea of how it would be because it varies a lot depends on my mood. It ‘s about time to think about it because we are purchasing our first home in real life. I know it is ridiculously unrealistic but a girl can dream!


  • Growing up in Beijing makes me appreciate the city vibes. I am definitely a big city girl and I don’t feel right when I am far away from the city.
  • Since our family back in China worked in the Beijing airport, my childhood is filled with the sound of airplanes taking off and landing. There is nothing makes me feel more at home. So somewhere near the airport would be just perfect for me.
  • As a nostalgic person and I would love to live in a big city with history. Probably London since my grandparent lived there for a few years when I was little and heard a great deal of the city. I used to look through their London photo albums with great fascination and looking forward to the day I get to go there.
  • Being a sunshine chaser, I wish I can live somewhere such as Italy or Spain where the sunshine is bright, warm and toasty. Sorry Scandinavia… you are great and all but the weather is terrible.
  • Volcano and hot springs! Ever since I discovered places like Japan and Iceland has the coolest spas or bathhouses like Onsen and the Blue Lagoon,  just thinking about these things makes me melt.
  • Ocean. Not because of the salty water or beautiful sandy beaches, but I would love to live in a place I can see whales. In case you haven’t noticed, I am a huge fan of whales and wish I could be the mother of all marine mammals on the planet earth. If I could see them and hear them singing, that would be like a heaven to me.


I don’t know if this has anything to do with being a cat person, but It’s super-duper important for me to live in a place where space feels 3D (not sure if I can describe space as 3D but you get it)… I love rooms that utilize the space away from the floor.  Loft, stairs, ladders, swinging hammock, things like that.  I wish everything could be afloat in the air!(maybe not toilet though)  I’m just not a fan of big open and flat rooms.

Oh yes another thing… I will not have a bedroom. (‘what…?’) Am I the only person who thinks sleeping in the same place every day is the annoyingly boring? A thing people notice about me is that I fall asleep very often and usually in some unexpected places. If somebody leaves me in a comfy spot undisturbed, I will probably be sleeping there after 20 minutes. And the best thing is, I will wake up and wonder, where am I and what happened to me?  I just simply love moments like that. So I think I prefer to have multiple sleeping spots in the apartment and sleep wherever I please.

Living room:

The main function of this room is entertaining and relax, both for guests and myself. There won’t be any TV since we never watch it anymore. Instead, I would like to have a triangle crystal display on the wall where the TV should be because I am so obsessed with them. They gave me such comforting energy and clear up my mind just looking at them. Now imagine a pale white and airy room with big windows and a few cute carpets. I can’t find an exact picture but something like these:

Bookshelf corner + Scandinavian Masonry Heater + Piano + Comfy couch to sleep in. And of course lots of plants hanging from the ceiling so my cat(s) won’t eat them up.


The heart of the house! It’s probably the most modern place in the entire apartment because I can’t have a kitchen that is just for show. Cooking and Baking is the most soothing thing for me to do and I make a lot of food. In order to do that I need a kitchen that is modern, practical and efficient. But of course it needs to match the style of rest of the house, I think I would go for the ‘retro /industrial chic’ look. A powder blue Smeg fridge is a must have to give it a bit of 50s look.

I used to think a kitchen island is essential, but I think I got over it. I’d rather replace it with a dining table since I would prefer to keep the kitchen small and compact.


This is where all the pampering is happening. The bathroom is a reflection of life quality of its owner, and my dream bathroom would be like a home spa. I watched lots of videos about life in Japan, mainly in the channel Life where I’m from and I’m amazed by their bathroom. It is common in Japan to have a separate room for showering and bathing, and some of them are even equipped with automatically water filling, heating AND remote control with temperature setting! Japanese people do take their bathing seriously… I love it! I would love to have a  bright and sunny bathroom with a bathtub and vanity, with a separate powder room.

But that’s not all. There will be a hot tub in the rooftop garden and it kind looks like a Japanese onsen.  Yep, I told you this is highly unrealistic but today is a good day to dream. Anyway, there will also be a hanging swing bed in the rooftop spa where I imagine myself taking a nap after stargazing in the hot tub.

The loft:

In my imagination, the sunnier part of the loft is used as a dance studio/ yoga room.  Have you seen Mary Helen Bowers’ dance studio in New York? It’s incredibly beautiful and I could dance there all day. It would be a dream to have one at home where I can practice aerial yoga and ballet. By the way, if you are into workout and haven’t tried Mary Helen Bowers from Ballet Beautiful, you should definitely try it out, you will be getting some serious burns.

Whenever I scroll around in Pinterest and see some other bloggers’ super chic and cute home office, I can feel the enviousness grow inside of me. But if I am truly honest with myself, I am not sure if I would actually appreciate it since I am not a desk type of person. (even if I sometimes wish I am) For a creature of comfort like me, sitting at the desk and work is not what I am best at. Bringing the laptop on a bed table to work in a bed or in a quiet space is much better for me. That’s why I want to have a tiny desk for paperwork and an alcove bed where I can concentrate and get work done in great comfort. These kinds of beds are so gorgeous and looks like they belong in a fairy tale.

Rooftop Garden:

Now let’s talk about some real fun! For those of you who live in the cities, you can imagine how difficult it is to take care of your plants. And growing your own veggies and berries while living in the city can be quite difficult.  Unless you have a rooftop garden like I do in my imaginary home. Here will be a BBQ party with freshly picked vegetables and everybody is invited!

There you go, that was my dream house. Took me a while to prioritize and yes I know, it’s kind of crazy. But I am a dreamer and even I can’t stop myself.

In case you know any place could possibly be the potential place for me to live, you are more than welcome to leave a moment and tell me about it, and it would be very appreciated.

So how does your dream house look like?







6 thoughts on “My (Highly Unrealistic) Dream House”

  1. Yaayyyyy this is so exciting, it’s wonderful to hear that I inspired you to write this post, and so interesting to compare your dream house to mine! I love love LOVE the idea of your loft, that sounds amazing! A venue for aerial yoga sounds like perfection in my book! A rooftop garden is also a great pick!

    Abbey 😘 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Haha thank you Abbey! Your blog posts are very inspiring and I love reading them.
      Oh are you writing a book? :O wow so exciting! I would love to know more about it 👍

    1. Aww thank you! Let me know if you will make a blog post about it, would love to read it!

  2. I love this idea! I’m constantly daydreaming about my dream house, I have so many pinterest boards dedicated to specific rooms haha! I’d love a room for a photography studio or a dance studio, but I’m starting to think that’s wishful thinking haha!

    1. Yes me too Pinterest gives me so many fantasies about home making 😂 Photography room sounds great!! you don’t know what the future will bring so keep on dreaming! 🙌✨

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