About 2 weeks ago I had the best yoga class ever and came home realised I’ve lost my key to our apartment. Minutes later I got a text from the landlord saying that they unfortunately need to have the apartment back and we will have to find somewhere else to live, in about 3 to 4 months.

I have no idea if there is any connection between these 2 incidents but I had a feeling that I dreamt about it before… Isn’t that strange! But anyway, my first reactions was actually pure excitement and joy. We’ve been living here for a year and half and it have not been easy, because this place is very far from what we consider as ideal and since we always know this is temporary, we never really made much effort or invest in big improvement. I don’t think we even have the permission. Luckily we have saved up enough money to buy our own place for the first time and I’m beyond happy.

We already started planning and looking for areas that we are interested in, and since we are getting the loan from the bank I’m working for, we will get a discount interest rate though I’m not sure if it will be a big difference. Buying apartment in Sweden isn’t easy, especially in bigger cities. It’s almost impossible for us to afford an apartment in popular areas in Gothenburg even with 2 full time income, because the demand is sky high and the competition is very intense. On the other hand, the suburb areas are much more reasonable, not only feels more relaxed, cozy and most importantly, close to the nature (which is extremely important according to my boyfriend, who comes from a tiny city in Northern Sweden), and it even takes less time to commute compare to where we live right now, because of the train system is a lot faster than the tram.

I am particularly fond of the areas near the airport, because my family back in Beijing worked for Air China and I grow up listening to airplanes take off and landing, day in and day out. And there is absolutely no other sound in the world that makes me feel more at home. Interesting that people who aren’t use to the sound may consider it as disturbing but for me it’s such a pleasant background noise like sizzling rain or crackling fire.

But the thing is that we are not in the position to be super picky just yet, and after some research about price and condition of apartments being sold lately, we came up with a few things that we need to prioritise, unfortunately the airplane noise did not make it to the list:

  • Friendly neighbourhood
  • Possibility to renovate
  • Ground floor so our cat can go outside
  • Decent kitchen
  • Small and compact
  • Bathtub or enough space to have one.

Last weekend we found a loft apartment for sale and I adore it, there is definitely something special about loft apartment that sparks for me. The apartment wasn’t perfect though and it was sold very quickly with confidential price. Feeling the pressure, I made an application to the loan commitment (Lånelöfte in Swedish) the next day and got approved right away. We have possibility to get a higher loan but we would rather prefer to spend it later on renovating instead of putting in more money in the down payment (15%).

With a clear goal and a reasonable financial plan, we can now officially say that the hunting has begun. I wish I have a time machine to see how we end up but I also don’t want to spoil it. Just about half an hour ago, we just signed up for an open house in exactly 10 days, and it feels very unreal and scary, but of course, what could be more exciting than checking out a potential future home!

This is going to be a very special time for us since it’s one of the most expensive things we will buy, a place to call home. It also feels like a big step into adulthood as it will come with lots of responsibility. And I mean, for a girl like me who cannot be more ordinary, buying first home at 20s feels like quite an achievement. ( Please don’t break my bubble and tell me it’s not…)

That is also the reason why I would like to keep a series of journal about how we are planning, buying, moving and renovating our first home in Sweden. Not only it will be very fun to read for us in the future, but it may also help other people who consider to live in Sweden and looking for a place to buy. Stay tuned if you are curious and please let me know if you have ever bought one or more apartment / house before? How did it go? I would love to know every detail!