It’s delightful to see so many of us starting to make healthier choices lately, and hopefully this is not just a January thing. Let’s keep up the good work and be patient with our progress. 

When I look back a few years ago, while Alex and I lived in a small town and struggled to make healthy choices, we used to argue about which kind of bread to buy from the grocery. I always wanted the so called ‘more grain’ version of the typical whitest toast you can find, but Alex insists that the white bread tastes so much better as grilled sandwich. Deep inside I knew that it did not make that much of difference; those so called grain breads are merely just a brown coloured version of the original and they both taste like they are made of shredded A4 paper, but I did not want to spend twice as much money on buying the healthier kinds. After we moved to gothenburg, I was determined to make a change on the food we consume; and that’s when I discovered some new types of bread with shredded beets, parsnips and carrots, among many other bread with seeds, nuts and berries. Of course all that goodness came with a higher price as well, which made me very keen to try some of the combination at home, but kneading bread dough and baking is not particularly what I wanted to do after 8 hours work at the office.

I got a bread machine as presents last summer though, my mother brought it to Sweden when she visited. I have to say the bread machine was probably the highlight of my kitchen in 2016. It helped us to cut the expense of buying healthy bread and we also had the privilege to wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread. Simply cannot live without it.

Since then I have been doing experiment with my beloved bread machine, and I have never baked any loaf of white bread. Not sure if I just cannot stick with the simplicity or I’m just unable to resist the temptation and curiosity to try all the flour in the baking supply section. Few days ago I just realized that I never made bread with carrots, and I happened to have a whole bunch in the fridge so I thought I would give it a try.

I admit that they do look a bit like bread from the medieval time, but it’s healthy and hearty, great for making breakfast sandwiches. Here is the recipe:

Weigh the ingredients and add to the bread machine.

choose the knead and proof program. Take out the dough and punch down  when the program stops. ( If you don’t have a bread machine, add all ingredients to a bowl and knead for 8 min or until smooth and slightly glossy, then let proof under a kitchen towel for 50 min.)

Divid into 6 pieces and shape them into round buns.

Leave under a kitchen towel for an hour Heat the oven till 200℃ or 392℉ and bake for 11-14 min.

Hope you try and enjoy this recipe and let me know if you have ever baked with other roots vegetable and how it turned out!