The first months of this year has almost past in a alarmingly fast tempo. After I turned 27 at beginning of this year, I wanted to do a review on my 2016 and I was not trilled at all by the results. Disappointed by the goals I set up for myself by the end of 2015; it was merely a to do list consists of things like ‘go to the dentist’  ‘get a physical therapy’ and ‘eat more vegetarian food’. And that was it, nothing challenging or life-changing. And that got me thinking, maybe that was the reason I felt unmotivated since autumn. Because I have done everything on my list but don’t know what’s next and it left me aimless and unengaged.

But I’m not completely surprised why I made these super simple and easy goals. It never felt right to me to set up a really challenging goal and share it with people and let them help me to keep on track. It’s just too personal. I was actually taught that you should not share your goals and your purposes until you have achieved them, and then you can wow everybody. I’m not the kind of person that loves attention so the wowing part was never appealing to me, but I do feel uncomfortable sharing what my goals with people, mainly because I’m the kind of ‘More action and less announcement’ kind of person and I like to keep them private.

But this year Im challenging myself and going to put myself outside the comfort zone and enjoy the beauty of being vulnerable. It’s going to be hard and that’s why Im doing it.

So here are my goals for 2017:

  1. To connect more with people and inspire and be inspired. One of the main reason that I’m starting a blog because it is simple harder to communicate with people in english when most people know that I speak Swedish, and while I working 9-5 I don’t have the opportunity to hanging out with international students anymore. It’s not that I don’t want to connect with Swedish people, I just prefer speaking English and feel much more myself when I do.
  2. Become more creative in writing. My favourite one for this year! I was told that creative is something… of a talent, like some people are born to be creative and some are not. I always knew that’s not true but never came across the idea that I want to challenge my own creativity and test my limit. About time!
  3. Stop consuming sugary and processed food and become more conscious about making healthy choices. This is more of a upgraded version of my goal of 2016 to eat more vegetarian food. But that is far away from enough and I did not find that very challenging since I almost eat completely vegetarian since October.  I love to discover new food and be adventurous with cooking and baking, so I would want to level it up and try something new, something healthier and ditch the bad habits of consuming store bought snacks.
  4. Take my fitness workout to the next level. This one goes hand in hand with the healthy eating goal. I’m already being quite active, working out about 3 times/week but I have to say most of my work out routine is still related to the physical therapy I got last year, and I have recovered well enough to be a lot harder on myself. By end of this year I want to see myself become a lot stronger, more flexible, explore different methods of yoga and take my weekly ballet class to intermediate level. I know it is going to be expensive and time + energy consuming, but honestly I cannot imagine my life without it, plus investment in health is always worth it, in my opinion.
  5. Stop working full-time by end of this year. I been working at my current job for 2 years now and I really enjoy the company of my co-workers, but it hasn’t been the most pleasant journey. I’m starting to realise that I will never genuinely love this job, the idea of spending years of my 20th doing something I’m not good at and not passionate about is quite scary. By the end of this year I would probably go back to school to study or become work at home housewife( or house girlfriend, if that’s a thing), or maybe start to work part-time so I get more free time, who knows.
  6. Save enough money to buy our first apartment. Ok, the big deal of this year. If I must choose only one goal to achieve, this is the one. My boyfriend and I have been living together for a long time, in many different apartments. We feel more than ready to move to our first official home, and we are saving money intensively. It feels really scary to throw the numbers out there but I can’t make it a goal without numbers, right? Despite not making any financial goals last year, we are manage to save up to $17k equivalent to Swedish kronor. It definitely has room for improvement since we totally made about $45k (after tex) in 2016. Alex did not start to work until June last year, and our plan is to save another $17k in 8-9 months, which should be doable but we will have to be living very frugally.

So yeah, this was it. It makes me a bit uneasy to list it out, black and white. Im going to try my very best and hopefully I will learn something new on the way.

If you have any suggestions and tips for me, please leave a comment. What are your goals to achieve this year?